How do I get the photos?

It's up to you! I typically use a site called Pixieset which preserves the quality of your images and provides a secure online download experience. If you'd rather receive them via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Thumb Drive that can be arranged! 

*Please note that for online delivery services such as Pixieset, Google Drive, and Dropbox I will only keep your digital files live for 2 weeks. Please download them ASAP!

How soon will I receive my photos?

Each photoshoot is unique, so it won't take the same amount of time to finish editing each one. If you invest in "the mini" shoot, odds are you'll get your photos back within a day or two of our shoot (assuming I'm not busy with academics or other sessions). If you invest in a basic or deluxe session that includes more photos, expect them back within a week or two. 

*Please note that hours of detail oriented dedication go into hand editing your images! I know that you'll want them back soon, and I'll work my hardest to make that happen. 

Do you send CDs?

Nope! The computer that I do all of my editing on (unfortunately) does not have a CD reader and therefore I can't burn disks. I do offer thumb drives upon request, though!

What should I wear to my senior session?

The most important things to keep in mind for senior sessions are:

  • How well the outfits reflect you as a unique individual
  • How confident you will feel in those outfits
  • What is allowed in your yearbook (Some school's dress codes may apply to their senior portraits so be sure to check!)
  • The location you'll be in (if you're in a vibrant green wooded area, you might want to stray away from reds

Some other general tips that I have are:

  • If you choose to wear multiple outfits, bring one fancier one (a dress/suit) and one more casual. If you bring more than two, try to keep the others in between those levels of formality so you have a good range
  • If you plan on taking photos with flowers, bring something white! White looks good with lots of colors so it's good to have a neutral option on hand 
  • Layers layers layers! Bringing a denim jacket or floppy sunhat enables you to add lots of variety to your shoot without running back to a bathroom to change completely
  • Know yourself! If you plan on wearing heels for your photo but aren't comfortable walking long distances in them, pack a basic pair of sandals or flip-flops to wear in between locations

Do you offer prints?

Yes! If you choose to receive your digital files through Pixieset there will be print packages available. Pixieset prints through a Minnesota based printing lab. If you choose to purchase prints there is a $50 minimum purchase requirement. 

How and when should I pay you?

I accept cash and checks. Checks can be made payable to Olivia Crutchfield. The full amount can be payed at the end of your session. If you're requesting additional services such as a thumb drive or additional edited photos, please notify me prior to our shoot and include those costs in your payment. If you are also purchasing prints, that payment will be done separately on Pixieset.

I've never posed in front of a camera before! Do you have any tips?

Yes, I do! My biggest tip is to pose in front of a mirror. Even though it sounds silly, you'll get to know your best poses and angles. Another helpful tip is to make a "mood board", or an inspiration board. (Sites like Pinterest are great for this!) All you have to do is gather some photos that you really like all in one spot. You can even use some of these inspiration photos to help you gather pose ideas while practicing in the mirror. Finally, it helps me a lot if you can share inspiration photos or mood boards with me. This way, I can ensure that I'm posing you in a style that you like!